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A wealth of information - I highly recommend it. For the small e-commerce entrepreneur who cannot afford to hire a professional, she tells you exactly what to do.

Kat T.

I am starting an online store and this program gave valuable me information that I can use. Great for those who are planning to use BigCommerce.

Dominick W.

Chock full of ideas and resources. I learned so many great tips from this program, and by using the suggestions, I can see my website being a huge success.

Donna K.

After dealing with 5 plus web designers, Danielle is light years ahead of them. Competent, creative, timely and reliable. Simply the best.

Hank B.

To put it bluntly, there is no way we could've gotten to where we are without the hard work and expertise of Duck Soup E-Commerce.

Manish K.

I have worked with scores of designers and developers since first working in online retail in 1997 and Danielle stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Elizabeth C.