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Expand Your Etsy Business with an E-Commerce Website

Posted by Danielle on

If you’re selling on Etsy, you know how challenging it can be. Though Etsy started as a niche online marketplace for people making handmade goods, it’s evolved significantly over the years. Beyond the increased number of sellers, you now have to compete with businesses selling commercially-produced products masquerading as handmade. And don’t forget all the new fees and policies that make it difficult for legitimate sellers to make a profit.

All that being said, Etsy still has value. But if you’ve been selling on Etsy for a while, you’ve probably noticed a decrease in sales despite spending more time optimizing your store.

It’s time to take control and expand your business with your own e-commerce website.

Building your own online store can seem complicated. That’s why so many soapers, jewelry makers and crafters decided to sell on Etsy in the first place - it’s easier than creating an e-commerce website, right? Actually, launching an online store today isn’t as difficult as it may seem. You’ve already got most of the things you need to get going - product information, photography, shipping and return policies, etc.

Here are a few reasons to create your own e-commerce website even if you’re going to continue selling on Etsy.

Better Ability to Brand Your Business

On Etsy, you’re fairly limited in how you can brand your company and products. All Etsy stores use the same template, so other than a banner, some colors and your business name, your store basically looks just like all the others. With your own e-commerce website, you’re in full control of how your brand is presented. You can customize all the colors and fonts, adjust the layout and look of the pages, add as many banners as you want and truly make your brand stand out from competitors.

Advanced Selling and Marketing Features

Have you ever wondered how many people consider buying your products on Etsy, but then get distracted by something else and forget to complete their order? With your own e-commerce website, you could automatically email those people and encourage them to finish their order with a coupon code. Want to send marketing emails with special offers to people who have expressed interest in your products even if they’ve never purchased? It’s possible with your own online store, but not with Etsy. Do you spend a lot of time promoting your business on social media? With your own e-commerce website, you can integrate your social media accounts to display Instagram photos, sell products on Facebook and more.

More Control Over the Purchase Process

Selling on Etsy means you’re limited in how you charge shipping, how you handle returns and what payment methods you can accept. Every business is different, but you’re limiting yourself with Etsy’s one-size-fits-all approach. With your own online store, you’ll have more flexibility to create shipping rules and rates that work with your product margins and shipping capabilities. You can offer store credit instead of just refunding someone for an order their want to return. You’ll be able to increase sales by allowing shoppers to use Apple Pay or their Amazon account for payment.

Launching an Online Store is Easy

There’s never been a better time to grow your Etsy business with your own e-commerce website. In fact, our 30 Day E-Commerce program is so easy-to-follow, anyone can do it. If you’re struggling to compete on Etsy, give our program a try and see how launching your own online store can increase your sales and allow you to take control of your handmade goods business. If you’re not satisfied in 7 days, we’ll even give you your money back - no questions asked!

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